3 Reasons Why Your Products Are Not Selling

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I see a lot of talented business owners on Facebook and all over the internet, frustrated that they are not selling their products, programs and services.  They are discouraged and disappointed. They feel as if there is something wrong with the or their product. But, the truth is, there is nothing wrong with them or their product.  More often than not, they are probably experiencing 3 of the reasons I am about to share with you below.


1. People are not seeing your offer– I just came back from a business seminar where the Keynote speaker was co-founder of Reddit.com , Alexis Ohanian and he talked about how we as business owners are competing with 12 year old girls who are posting cat videos.  And you know cat videos- go viral.


2. People are not interested in your offer- In all honesty, people may not be interested in your offer.  However, you may not being communicating in a way that makes them interested. This is where good copywriting comes in. You really have to get your target market interested in what you have to offer.  You have to tap into their emotions, and illustrate the main benefits of your product.  I see way too many business owners leading with their product, and not really making their offer compelling or interesting for their potential buyers.  So, when you are trying to sell your product, program or service,  keep in mind that you want to tap into the core buying emotions of your ideal client.

3. You didn’t communicate your offer clearly enough.  – Have you ever heard the saying: a confused mind never buys? It’s quite possible that your potential client is confused or you didn’t communicate the offer clearly enough.  Did you tell them whether your product was a digital program or it will be shipped to them? Did you tell the how many modules were in the course,  any special bonuses, and the list goes on.   When you are making an offer you want to be detailed as possible to make your potential client say : Yes, I want to buy from you!

I also wanted to make it clear, that you need to post the link to your offerings and sales pages on a consistent basis.  Many people say well, I posted it once, and no one purchased.  The truth is, if you only posted your offer once, your ideal audience did not see it. Or they saw it and then forgot about it.  So, it’s your job to keep reminding the that you have a valuable product/service that will transform their lives.


So, what are some of the things you can do today, to increase your sales conversions? Tell me in the comment box below! I look forward to hearing from you.


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