Which Social Networking Site Should You Be On?

Confused about Social Networking


There’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus and a myriad of other niche social networking sites.  With all of these social networking sites, it can be difficult to choose which one you should invest time and money into. Some of my clients want to explore all of these sites, while others  want to know which social networking sites they should be on.

What types of business work best for certain social networking sites?

It’s funny how all these social networking sites are designed to connect people and now to promote businesses and increase sales.  However, each  social network has its own culture, lingo and vibe. It’s quite uncanny if you ask me. However, I digress, social media is an important part of any business marketing strategy and its important for you to know where to focus your efforts.

A brief overview of the different social networks and what businesses are perfect for each one!

While every business is unique, its safe to say that some businesses will do well on certain social media sites than others.  For example, lets take a local pizza shop down the street:  John’s Pizza. John’s Pizza  will most likely get a huge following on Twitter and Facebook, heck maybe even Pinterest if they come up with great ways to showcase their food menu and ambiance. Now, let’s say John’s Pizza was trying to market on Linkedin. Most likely, they won’t get any attention.

On the flip side, let’s say there is a local financial planner who is trying to market her business on Facebook and Twitter.   Now don’t get me wrong Facebook & Twitter are great for lead generation if used correctly, however, the local financial planner will probably have more luck if she participated in small business, finance, and entrepreneur groups on Linkedin . She could also send a Letter of Introduction to all of her  Linkedin connections as well as ask for recommendations and endorsements. This way her colleagues and peers can recommend her to their connections.  I briefly listed a few places I feel certain professionals will have luck. By all means this is not a    detailed list, it is just how I feel about these websites.  If you fall into any of these categories, I encourage you to explore the  social network you are most comfortable with.


  • Twitter–  Writers, Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Social Media Marketers,  Marketing Consultants, MLM/Direct Salels
  • Facebook – Writers, Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Therapists, Social Media Marketers,  Marketing Consultants
  • Linkedin– Public speakers, Business consultants,  Sales executives,  Training companies, High end marketing consultants
  • Pinterest–  local restaurants, jewelry makers, bakeries, arts and crafts, creative business night clubs
  • Google Plus– Social media marketers, information marketers, corporate companies, software companies, technical companies, SEO firms


How to choose which social network is right for you!

When you are just starting out with social media, it can be hard to determine where you will get your clients from, it may shock you!  When I first started on social media, so many people told me my clients were going to come from Linkedin. However, that was not the case– yes I did get leads from Linkedin, but all of my sales came from Facebook. So, guess where I focused most of my time?  I still focus all of o my effort on Facebook because that’s where most of my sales are coming from.  It can be hard to determine where your clients will come from.  While statistics are important, you can’t rely too heavily on them.  Your sales are a result of your message, the demand, your pricing, your marketing and wide variety of other factors.  My request to you is do some basic research and test a few social media sites to see if you are comfortable with them.

Choose 1-2 social networking sites and master using them and move on to the next if applicable

While you may want to try every social network there is out there, don’t fall  into the temptation. Stick with one or 2 social networks that you can improve as you go until you master them completely. Once you mastered the social networks, you can move onto another social network you feel can maximize your results.  Remember, you are on social media to build relationships, which essentially increase your sales and improves your bottom line.  Therefore if you are not seeing any real results after 2-3 months, you either need to tweak your marketing, toss what is not working or simply hire an outside social media marketer to come in and take a look at your efforts.

What social networking sites have you used to market your business?  Post your comments in the comment box below.






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